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Central Arctic Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt

Grizzly Bear season in the Central Arctic commences April 15th. All hunts are conducted one guide per hunter.

The hides of these beautiful bears are the thickest and most luxurious in the world. As a rule of thumb, the prime time is from April 20th to May 8th. During this time, conditions are usually the best.

We offer two consecutive hunts but dates are subject to change depending on weather and snow conditions. The first hunt dates are April 15th thru April 24th, and the second hunt commences April 26th thru May 5th or thereabouts. Both hunts are excellent! Openings are limited as we generally have 3 hunters per hunt.

Please note that we do not hunt Arctic Grizzly every year. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game manages bear seasons on the Alaska Peninsula by staggering the seasons instead of going to a registration or drawing permit system. In addition, we have implemented our own management system in the Arctic to insure good quality Bear hunting for generations to come.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a changeable airline ticket. Arctic weather is highly unpredictable at this time of year.

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The hunts are based from trappers’ cabins or Arctic Oven tents with wood stoves.

Accommodations are basic but comfortable with plenty of good hot food. Transportation out in the field is done by ski plane, snowmobile and snowshoes. All hunts are fair chase and strictly legal.

Other Game

This is a very unique hunt and one can expect to see some incredible scenery as well as witness nature in its rawest form. Have you ever seen bears on a kill, a wolf in the wild, or had a lynx cross a path in front of you? Wolverines are sometimes seen; pound for pound, they are the toughest animal in all of North America.

Ptarmigan abound in the area and we often awake in the early hours to their distinct clucking. The season is open until April 30 and the fowl is good fare. Additionally, when time allows, we fish through the ice for Sheefish, the largest member of the whitefish family, also known as the “Tarpon of The North”!

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** We highly recommend the heavier belted magnum calibers in a bolt action with a minimum bullet weight of 250 grains. The .338 Winchester Mag, .375 H&H Mag or the .416 Remington Mag are all well suited for our type of shooting situations.

Be sure and remove grease and oil from your action and bolt assembly!!!

Check all screws for tightness. If you handload check to be sure all cartridges will chamber and eject properly.

Specialized Equipment

I provide good quality sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and snow shoes, shot guns and fishing equipment. This assists you in packing lighter.


If you wish to consume liquor it is recommended you bring your favorite adult beverage. We just ask that you do so responsibly.

Spring Arctic Grizzly Gear List

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