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Mountain Monarchs: Frequently Asked Questions

Tags & Fees

Alaska Tag & License Fees Non Resident Non Resident Alien
Hunting License $160 $630
Fishing License (14 Days) $105 $105
Brown Bear/Grizzly Tag $1,000 $1,300
Moose Tag $800 $1,000
Caribou Tag $650 $850
Dall Sheep Tag $850 $1,100
Wolf Tag $60 $100
Wolverine Tag $350 $500
Duck & Waterfowl Stamp $10 $10
King Salmon Stamp $75 $75

Prices Subject to Change Per Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Buy Your Alaskan License & Tag

Traveling To Alaska

How do I get to Cold Bay? (Spring and Fall Brown Bear)

After arriving in Anchorage, take Peninsula Airways (Pen- Air) to Cold Bay.

Recommend Accommodations in Anchorage:

You will need to pre-arrange your charter with Theo and Precision Air who will be there to fly you to David River (base camp).

In the event of bad weather, and they are unable to fly, accommodation in Cold Bay are:

**Arrive at Base Camp 2 days prior to start of hunt (allow for weather)

How Do I Get to Bettles? (Sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou)

After arriving into Fairbanks, AK, you will go the "East Ramp" at Fairbanks International and catch a Wright Air Service (907) 474-0502 flight up to Bettles. Wright Air services Bettles twice a day, except Sundays, with Cessna Caravans. A Mountain Monarchs representative will meet you at the airport in Bettles upon your arrival. Often times you may spend the night in Fairbanks and then catch a morning flight on Wright Air.

Accommodation options in Fairbanks include:

**Arrive at Base Camp 2 days prior to start of hunt (allow for weather)

Do I need to bring sleeping gear?

We provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and cots for most hunts.

On Sheep Hunts its best to bring your own "lightweight" bag.

Recommended Weapons & Caliber For Your Hunt

Brown Bear Hunting

Rifles: your rifle should be equipped with a weather proof scope and dialed in 2” high at 100 yards. Synthetic stocks perform best in the inclement weather.

Recommended Calibers:
.338 Winchester mag - 250 grain minimum
.375 H&H mag - preferred caliber – 270 grain minimum
.416 Rem Mag – 350 or 400 grain bullets

Bullets – No Solids for Bears!!! Swift A-Frame; Barnes Triple Shock; Trophy Bonded; Nosler Partition or similar work well on the big bruins.

Grizzly Bear Hunting

We highly recommend the heavier belted magnum calibers in a bolt action with a minimum bullet weight of 250 grains. The .338 Winchester Mag, .375 H&H Mag or the .416 Remington Mag are all well suited for our type of shooting situations. Be sure and remove grease and oil from your action and bolt assembly!!!  Check all screws for tightness. If you handload check to be sure all cartridges will chamber and eject properly.

Dall Sheep Hunting

Your rifle should be a light weight bolt action, scoped with good quality optics and dialed in 2 inches high at 100yards. You should be adept at hitting targets out to 350 yards. If you handload, be sure all your ammo will chamber and eject properly. Practice as much as possible in all shooting positions. Silhouettes are especially good practice. Be sure scope mounts and all screws are checked for tightness. A good sling is worth its weight in gold.

Recommended Caliber:
On Dall Sheep, we recommend .270 or larger calibers, with the flat shooting characteristics of the .30 caliber magnums being the most commonly used. Examples: .270 Win; .280 Rem; 7mm Mag; .300 WSM; .300 Win. Mag.; .300 Weatherby.